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BFE Module

Backfire Module

Backfire Eliminator Module for Propane and Natural Gas

Backfire of propane and natural gas engines has been an industry problem for years.

If the ignition system of a propane engine, such as in a forklift, is not maintained well they can easily backfire.  And as all mechanics know backfire can be damaging to vital engine parts. 

The BFE-2 Module will put an end to backfire of propane and natural gas engines during start-up and shutdown.  The patented process utilizes a solid state ignition control timer that ensures complete burn of all fuel at shutdown.  Because the engine is "starved off" during shut down, the engine can not backfire during start-up.

The installation requires fitting an interrupter valve in the fuel line from the propane converter, or natural gas regulator, as close to the carburetor as possible.  Find a manifold vacuum source for the module that will control the interrupter valve.  So basically the valve is controlled by vacuum which in turn is controlled by the backfire module.  Mount the box and connect the four wires from the wire harness; one wire is connected to a solid ground, the second wire is connected to a constant 12 volt power source and the last two control the ignition.  Cut the wire that powers the ignition and connect the harness to each side of the cut and the installation is complete.  

To see a schematic of the Backfire Eliminator system, choose one of the following:

Backfire of propane engines

Backfire of natural gas engines

Backfire of propane forklifts


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